Boat/Water Sports Insurance

Insurance may not be required for your boat or Jet Ski, but it is still beneficial to obtain it. Whether you enjoy a wave runner or own a fishing boat, possessing a peace of mind on the water by knowing you’re insured is priceless!

Duffy Insurance uses its relationships with premier insurance carriers and experience to present its clients with quality protection for their boats and water-sport vehicles. We can even tailor your specific kind of watercraft and needs to match them with a custom policy. Sail boats, bow riders, houseboats, cuddy cabins and many other types of watercrafts can also be covered. While smaller boats may be able to be covered through a homeowner’s insurance policy, we advise our customers to secure boat insurance to eliminate uncertainty. Additionally, boats longer than 26 feet may be considered yachts, which require a separate policy.

Acquiring personal liability insurance for your watercraft allows coverage to be provided when an accident on the water takes place and you are deemed at fault. Repairs, losses, replacements of property, medical care and alternative expenses from an accident will be funded.

Medical payments coverage covers the costs of needed medical care at the result of your involvement in a boating accident. Clients of Duffy Insurance can also opt for physical damage coverage, which pays the costs for repairs or the replacing of your watercraft and/or its motor. This coverage can also fund expenses to your trailer and permanently attached equipment if it’s damaged or stolen.

Again, boat/watercraft insurance is not required in every state. It’s important to know this because not all boaters will have insurance for their watercrafts. Having uninsured or underinsured insurance supplies you with shrewd protection against those boaters who lack sufficient insurance or no insurance at all.

It’s also possible fuel leakage and residual wreckage can occur as the result of a watercraft accident. Duffy Insurance can assist you with acquiring fuel-spill liability and an option for wreckage removal to cover you in the event fuel and wreckage must be cleaned away at an accident site. It’s also wise for you to take your personal items into consideration when looking to obtain watercraft insurance. Regarding limits and additional information pertaining to coverage for personal property, please inquire with us directly at Duffy Insurance.

Aside from the standard choices, our clients have several additional coverage options. Our policies can include add-ons such as roadside assistance, on-water towing and total loss replacement. There can be times when your watercraft needs to be towed to the nearest repairing facility, which our boat insurance/watercraft insurance plans can help with via roadside assistance. This option can also cover expenses for labor at the site of your watercraft breaking down, flat tires, battery failure and when your path is interrupted.

On-water towing is an option that can surely help when your watercraft requires towing and labor while it is stuck on the water. If you have an accident and your boat is considered to be a total loss, you can still receive the value your boat was initially insured for.

With so many options and possibilities, securing insurance for your boat or watercraft can be a smart and easy process. Let Duffy Insurance help you! Call us today at (717) 845-1500.