Classic Car Insurance

Duffy Insurance surely knows how to appreciate a vintage classic car, which is only one of the many reasons why we take pride in offering classic car insurance! Your leisure time should be spent doing the things you love, which can include activities with classic cars such as car shows and great drives on the weekends.

Taking your classic car out of the garage is a big deal, so it’s important your collectible car is properly covered and insured. Your classic car undoubtedly is cherished and valued, so why add it to your normal auto insurance policy? You have a stand-alone car, so it’s wise for you to cover it with a stand-alone policy. At Duffy Insurance, we put your needs first as our top priority. Finding a quality policy at a low rate will be the top objective for us during the easy process of acquiring classic car insurance.

No matter if you have a hot rod, muscle car, low rider, exotic vehicle or antique car, we can gladly get a good insurance policy for you. Off-road vehicles such as dune buggies and various racing cars may require a separate policy.

Based upon your needs, a full-coverage policy with Duffy Insurance can include a variety of several types of coverages. We offer guaranteed value coverage for our clients to recoup back their classic car’s total value in the event of a complete loss. In this case, a customer would have the value of their classic car determined and it would be the amount they receive back, minus their deductible. Clients can also opt to receive market value, agreed value or total loss replacement/purchase price in the event of a total loss.

Comprehensive, collision and liability coverages are also offered, as they would be for a standard automobile. We also urge our clients to inquire about possibly obtaining coverage for safety equipment, spare parts, new purchases and auto show reimbursements.
Safety equipment coverage can cover items such as helmets, gloves and other types of safety gear. Those who love to restore vehicles should look into spare parts coverage, as it covers those extra spare parts lying around the garage. If you just bought a classic car you plan to show off immediately, adding new purchase coverage to your current policy for a pre-determined amount of days and monetary value of your vehicle is a great idea! Possessing insurance for auto shows when you display your classic car is also important, as your collectible car could easily become an injury risk.

That’s not all!

Duffy Insurance has several additional possible coverages for its clients. Protect your hood ornaments and, vintage license plates with “auto memorabilia” coverage. Traveling collector coverage is a possible option for those who travel long distances with their classic cars. It can help cover fees for rental vehicles, shelter, personal items and food. An endorsement for a classic car under construction is possible, which is also a great option for those who specialize in restoring old cars.

Don’t forget to inquire about roadside service and assistance options that can be included in your classic car insurance policy.

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